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Prior to commencement of development, or in accordance with the phasing plan agreed through the discharge of condition 4, a survey and ecological assessment of eel and fish within the Lackenby and Cleveland Channels is to be submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority unless otherwise agreed in writing. The assessment shall include the following: • Identify the impacts to fish and eel from the development and determine if they may be at risk of harm. • Identify any rare, declining, protected or otherwise important flora, fauna or habitats within the Lackenby Channel/The Slems. • Where relevant, assess the importance of the above features at a local, regional and national level, and identify the impacts of the detailed plans of the scheme on those features. • Demonstrate how the development will avoid adverse impacts. • Where necessary and feasible, propose mitigation for any adverse ecological impacts or compensation for loss. REASON: An ecological assessment is required to assess how the proposal will affect eel and fish and where necessary and feasible to identify the need for environmental protection. REASON FOR PRE-COMMENCEMENT: A pre-commencement condition is required as the impact of the development will occur on the commencement of development.

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