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Prior to the commencement of the development, or in accordance with the phasing plan agreed through discharge of condition 4, a written scheme of investigation (WSI) for archaeological work shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The WSI shall make provision for: i Before site remediation or development commences, archaeological evaluation of relevant borehole and test pit data ii During remediation archaeological monitoring of groundworks in selected areas of the site (to be agreed with the Council in accordance with parameters specified in the WSI) iii An archaeological watching brief/prior and, or strip map and, or record (as appropriate) of areas agreed as archaeologically sensitive iv Archaeological monitoring of deep excavations and piling in any areas indicated by the evaluation of borehole and test pit data to be of potential archaeological interest v The recording of the Riverside Pumping and Custom House to at Historic England Level 2/3, including photogrammetry and measured survey vi A general programme of works and monitoring arrangements, including reasonable notification to the local planning authority of commencement of works vii Details of staff involvement in carrying out the work (including specialists), and their qualifications and responsibilities viii The timetable for completing post-excavation assessment. Provision for the analysis, archiving and publication of the results of the archaeological surveys and excavations shall be secured to the satisfaction of the local planning authority by the developer before any of the business units on development is brought into use, as necessary. The development shall not without the prior written approval of the local planning authority be carried out otherwise than in accordance with the approved WSI. REASON: to ensure that any archaeological interest is appropriately recorded. REASON FOR PRE-COMMENCEMENT: A pre-commencement condition is required to ensure that no remains are disturbed or otherwise compromised by site excavation of other ground works.

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Councillor S Jeffrey (SOUTH BANK)
Councillor Sandra Smith (SOUTH BANK)
NEAR Ltd (Archaeological Services)

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