Help - Wiki Codes

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to create a pagePut word(s) between [ and ] (case sensitive)
to delete a pageimpossible. Alternative way : rename the page (command Moving page name in edit window)
to save a pageClick on save button (password needed at once, and recorded in a cookie for next times)
to edit page summaryIn edit window, this allows to have a quick information on the page (readable in History page)
to set a page as unwritableUse the Read-only pages command in admin menu (list of pages)
to set a list of forbidden wordsUse the Blacklist command in admin menu
to upload files on the serverUse the Upload command in admin menu
to subscribe to the rss feed
to access to the admin menuDrag your mouse on the right side of the window page
to use the internal searchbotTo find word occurrences in the whole wiki
to search links to a pageUse the "What links here?" in admin menu
to recover a former edition of a pageUse the "Hystory" link in admin menu (useful after losing stuff)
to set the wiki with your own languageUse the "Language" menu in admin menu (translate wiki stuff not page content)

{subpage:pagetobeincluded}command for including a common menu
{redirect:nameofapage}command for automatically redirect to a specific page
{description:sentence}a brief description for searchbots (meta-info)
{keywords:listofwordswithcommas}keywords for searchbot indexing (meta-info)
^{^tags:^listofwordswithcommas^}tags indexed by the wiki (case insensitive)
(note: don't take in account the circonflex signs)
    automatic table of content of the page
    ^{html^} .... ^{/html^}to include html parts
    (note: don't take in account the circonflex signs)
    {br} breakline
    ---- horizontal line
    set tablessee examples on Help Tables page

    CTRL EEdit the page
    CTRL SSave
    CTRL LPages list
    CTRL RRecent Changes

    !Heading 2 (head of paragraphs or of page)
    !!Heading 3 (paragraphs)
    !!!Heading 4 (sub-paragraphs)
    !!!!Heading 5 (note)
    *Unordered list item 1
    **Unordered list subitem 2
    ***Unordered list subsubitem 3
    #Ordered list item 1
    ##Ordered list subitem 2
    ###Ordered list subsubitem 3
    ''' word ''' (three apostrophes)Bold
    '' word '' (two apostrophes)Italic
    '- word -' (one apostroph one hyphen)Strikethrough
    '__ word __' (one apostroph two underscores)Underlined
    '% word %' (one apostroph one percent)Coloured background text
    !!!!! word !!!!! (five exclamation marks)Circled text
    QUOTE word QUOTE Quotation
    '= word =' Yellow post-it note
    <--back arrow
    (c) or (C)copyright sign
    (r) or (R)registered sign
    {{placeofyourcode}}to preserve the code syntax

    [name of a page]Link to a local wiki page
    {other text|name of a page}Link text to a local wiki page (with a pipe)
    name@server.comAutomatically recognized
    http://www.server.comAutomatically recognized (open a new window)
    [server|]Link text to an external link (with a pipe) (open a new window)
    (note: relative paths are recognized by using ./etc.html)
    [?aword]Wikipedia link (your language) (open a new window)
    [!aword]Wikipedia link (in english) (open a new window)
    notaThe plain url form of wiki pages is :

    []read an external picture (jpeg, jpg, gif, png)
    [|]picture with an external link (open a new window)
    [|right]place your picture : right, left
    [||right]idem combined with an external link
    [data/image.jpg|Name of a page|right]idem with a local image and link to a wiki page
    [data/smallimage.jpg|data/bigimage.jpg|Caption of a image]useful code to use Slimbox effect
    diaporama with LightBoxyou must use html code (see example)
    to embed mp3, mov, mp4 filessee examples on Help Media page