Sediment Template Data Explorer

A lot of sediment contamination is available in MMO marine license applications.

A standard suite of chemicals is set out which has to be sampled for before many types of marine license are granted. The concentration of chemical contaminants is submitted as part of the application in a standard template format Excel macro spreadsheet (xslm). The concentrations are in visible sheets named after the chemical type measured, along with information about the sampling locations and a particle size analysis of each sample. There are also an equal number of hidden sheets with the types of analysis used to assess the data are shown.

Spreadsheets of thousands of concentrations are a useful resource, but comparison and analysis in a spreadsheet format is not possible. The Sediment Template Data Explorer has been developed to allow both comparison and analysis of multiple sheets across multiple locations and over time periods.

While the template is a standard format the completed spreadsheets have many differences. On many occasions dispensations are given based on the history of the site or the application purpose to only measure some of the chemical classes. The quality of completion of the information also varies, from simple differences with information such as digital degree latitudes / longitudes being supplied as northings / eastings instead, to significant differences in the structure of the spreadsheet.

The Sediment Template Data Explorer below shows the data for a number of sediment sampling exercises which have been carrier out as part of MLA/2015/00088, the license for maintenance dredging of the River Tees.

River Tees and Hartlepool Maintenance Dredge Samples

South Bank Quay Dredging???

South Bank Quay Dredging - Riverbed contamination level???

South Bank Quay Dredging - Most recent versions of 5 key spreadsheets from MLA/2020/00506/2

South Bank Quay Dredging - All spreadsheets from MLA/2020/00506/2

Harwich Maintenance Dredging

Liverpool Docks

Mersey into the Irish Sea Dredging