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Conceptual Site Model (CSM)(Edit)

The basis for the environmental case and the safety case are based on a model of the site, which is called a conceptual site model (CSM).

The CSM explains what on the site is potentially dangerous, what is is dangerous to and how it gets from the site to the thing it is dangerous to. This is done via specific source-pathway-receptor connections (SPR), having identified these the planning application explains how the SPR is broken in some way, is negligible or how the development will mitigate the SPR - so in the end the development is safe.

The CSM is only as good as it is complete, so if a source / pathway / receptor is missed, or their magnitude is underplayed then the CSM could be effectively invalid.

South Tees Site CSMs(Edit)

The South Tees site has been assessed on multiple occasions for environmental and safety with CSMs being produced.




The Former SSI Steelworks, Redcar

Priority Areas Within SSI Landholding Contract 1 and 2A

Contract 1 and 2A Site Condition Report - South Tees Site Company Limited

Arcadis August 2018


Potential Human Health SPR Linkages

A = Dust inhalation from Made Ground from site and adjacent land

B = Vapour inhalation of indoor or outdoor air from contaminated soil and or groundwater

C = Direct contact and ingestion

D = Accumulation of ground gas in confined spaces

SPR linkages for construction workers during redevelopment not shown

Potential Water Resource SPR Linkages

E = Leaching of contaminants from Made Ground and other sources to groundwater in superficial deposits

F = Migration of contaminated groundwater to Secondary Aquifers in bedrock

G = Migration of contaminated groundwater onto site in Made Ground and Superficial Deposits

H = Migration of contaminated groundwater into off site surface water features and Tees Estuary via Made Ground and Superficial Deposits

Other SRP Linkages

J = Attack by contaminants of concern on foundations

alt text




Enabling Earthworks and Remediation Strategy Report

South Tees Development Corporation

Report NO. 10035117-AUK-XX-XX-RP-ZZ-0271-02-South Bank Priority Strategy

Arcadis May 2021


alt text


It is surprising that despite the change in uses for the South Tees site that the summary of the CSM has not changed.