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Prior to commencement of construction activities/relevant phase, a programme of site characterisation works is to be submitted to ascertain if contaminants are present in concentrations that could result in pollution to controlled waters. The programme shall include the following components: 1. A preliminary risk assessment which has identified: • all previous uses • potential contaminants associated with those uses • a conceptual model of the site indicating sources, pathways and receptors • potentially unacceptable risks arising from contamination at the site 2. A site investigation scheme, based on (1) to provide information for a detailed assessment of the risk to all receptors that may be affected, including those off-site. 3. The results of the site investigation and the detailed risk assessment referred to in (2) and, based on these, an options appraisal and remediation strategy giving full details of the remediation measures required and how they are to be undertaken. 4. A verification plan providing details of the data that will be collected in order to demonstrate that the works set out in the remediation strategy in (3) are complete and identifying any requirements for longer-term monitoring of pollutant linkages, maintenance and arrangements for contingency action. Any changes to these components require the written consent of the local planning authority. The scheme shall be implemented as approved. REASON: To ensure that the development does not contribute to, and is not put at unacceptable risk from or adversely affected by, unacceptable levels of water pollution in line with paragraph 170 of the National Planning Policy Framework. REASON FOR PRE-COMMENCEMENT: A pre-commencement condition is required as the environmental impact of the development will occur on the commencement of development.

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Councillor S Jeffrey (SOUTH BANK)
Councillor Sandra Smith (SOUTH BANK)
Environmental Protection Team

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