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The approved remediation scheme must be carried out in accordance with its terms unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The Local Planning Authority must be given two weeks written notification of commencement of the remediation scheme works. Following completion of measures identified in the approved remediation scheme, a validation report that demonstrates the effectiveness of the remediation carried out must be produced, and is subject to the approval in writing of the Local Planning Authority. REASON: To ensure that risks from land contamination to the future users of the land and neighbouring land are minimised, together with those to controlled waters, property and ecological systems, and to ensure that the development can be carried out safely without unacceptable risks to workers, neighbours and other offsite receptors.
Prior to commencement of the movement of earth associated with the formation of the approved temporary storage mounds or its final use, a Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The approved Plan shall be adhered to throughout the implementation of the permission. . The Plan shall provide details of the following; i) The parking of vehicles for site operatives and visitors; ii) Loading and unloading of plant and materials; iii) Storage of plant and materials used in constructing the temporary storage mounds; iv)Measures to control the spread of dirt and debris on the private road network; v) Methods of demolition of any structures to be demolished in order to form the approved temporary storage mounds; vi) Measures to control the emission of noise, dust and vibration during the formation of the temporary storage mounds. . vii) A scheme for recycling/disposing of waste resulting from demolition works that are required to form the approved temporary storage mounds. REASON: In the interests of neighbour amenity and maintaining good Air Quality

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