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Teesworks - UK's Largest Freeport - UK's Largest Brownfield Site


South Tees site is a 1,800hectares (4,500 acres) brownfield industrial site which is being redeveloped to provide opportunities for new industry on Teesside by the Tees Valley Mayoral Development Corporation - South Tees Development Corporation (STDC).

Teesworks - Teesside Free Port Proposal

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STDC was created in 2016 after Lord Hesletine's government commissioned Tees Valley Opportunity Unlimited.

In 2017 STDC produced the 2017 South Tees Regeneration Masterplan and following consultation a second version the 2019 South Tees Regeneration Masterplan.

The Masterplan is all about economic activity, but also highlights heritage and ecological opportunities. Publicity has talked about remediation of the site, which could be similar to that highlighted by the government at The Avenue Coke Work site in Chesterfield - The Avenue Landscaping and Remediation Project, in reality the site is being redeveloped and contamination is not being remediated. This is stated in the Masterplan “Contamination: The types of use possible across the STDC area will be influenced by ground conditions and ground contamination, as full scale de-contamination is neither proposed nor financially viable. Residential dwellings would likely be unsuitable for the site.” The ambition to deal with the contamination is reflected in the fact that the government gave STDC £300m (total expected cost £482m) to deal with contamination on the 18,000 hectare - Tees Valley Mayor Talks Freeport Airport and his hopes for Teesworks, compared to the £174m given to the Avenue project - The Environment Partnership - Avenue Coking Works.

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The South Tees Site is now called Teesworks and the Teesworks site is the public face of the South Tees Site.

There are lots of new stories around South Tees Site - Teesworks News.

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