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2nd April 2024 - The contents have been transferred from the brilliant but sadly orphaned LionWiki to the brilliant and still developed DokuWiki due to host software changes. Some of the links are still being updated, if you feel something is very wrong or you need access now then please email

Developments are necessary to provide homes, facilities and jobs for us and so are to be welcomed. The companies involved make sure that developments deliver what they should for owners, buyers and customers. The various different regulators make sure that our commons are protected. They can only do their job if they know what going on. So if you feel something is wrong with a development or spot something that isn't being done as it should be or an incident - environmental, nature, safety, pollution, then report it.

An analysis of the crab die off and the environmental risks of Teesworks

Reclaim our Sea Facebook Group

North East Fishing Collective Facebook Group

Mystery of the Teesside Crab Deaths: Algal bloom or preventable cover up? - Webinar November 30 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm - Details

How to report

Petition to Pause Dredging

The Developments

Teesworks - South Tees Site - Freeport

Teesworks - South Tees Planning Applications

Teesworks - Timeline of groundworks including prior to October 2021

Teesside Infrastructure Planning Inspectorate

N.B. many documents are large either due to the amount of information within or because they have been produced for publicity containing high resolution photography.

The Environment

The North East File Collection

This website is designed to provide open access to information around major developments happening in the North of England, so that people are able to engage with what is happening in our neighbourhood, to our environment and often with our money.

The site is not designed to be pretty, but to make the information accessible in a form it is not currently, as such the site will soon provide Google search access, which is not possible on the original sites as the documents are held within a variety of document management systems. In order to aid accessibility in some cases hyperlinks between documents or to other content has been inserted - if you have any problems then please refer to original source to check issues.

Please respect the copyright of all documents on this site, this site can take no responsibility for any use outside that legally required of the copyright holder to allow public oversight of major developments. Please refer to the original site for definitive and potentially updated versions.

Please email if you spot any areas where newer documents are now available.

The documents should only be used for your oversight of the developments which they document and for which they were originally made available.

Why Does This Matter To You

Find the facts so you can ask the right questions to be able to answer the questions that matter and campaign to enhance our world:

28th November 2022 Channel 4 - Are Marine Life Deaths Linked to Pollution Caused by River Tees Dredging?

30th September 2022 Channel 4 - What's killing marine life in the North East of England?

27th July 2023 - Mass Marine Die-offs: Searching for the Cause of These Events in Northeast England - Dr Gary Caldwell

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